Pure Retail

Curbside Shopping

Pure Retail is a React web application that is the simplest way for small, localized businesses to set up a eCommerce platform.

Employee checking out a customer

  • Built using React, Redux, Less, Stripe, Node.js, MongoDB & Hosted on Heroku

  • Collaborated remotely with a seven member team on a 16 week project using agile methodologies

  • Team emphasized planning, utilizing Trello for product management and communications & pair-programming through problems and features

  • Performed user research using surveys and interviews to assist with determining features and creating wireframes

  • Leveraged React to optimize Store pathway experience by lessening steps required to list a new item

  • Analyzed existing code base to rewrite components in React to be modular and maintainable

  • Validated code changes with mock server requests using Jest to increase unit & function test coverage

  • Responsible for 50% of front-end testing & fixing subsequent bugs

  • Codebase on Github